Friday, November 16, 2012

Entry sneak peak

As I mentioned yesterday I've been working on something little to enter into a local competition. Sew to Speak, my favorite LQS is hosting their annual softie contest. This year's theme is fox. I had way too much fun all over pinterest looking for inspiration.....even my sister thought I was going a little loonie before she learned what I was doing. 

Here's my sneak peak of Chloe......or Ava....I haven't quite decided on her name yet. That's the last thing I need to decide before I enter her...and well drive there to drop her off. Which means...fabric might accidentally fall into my arms again. 

I picked up her skirt fabric over the summer at my favorite flea market. It's a delicious rose print that just called to me for a dress for Elise. I pinched a little of it because it was just too perfect for little miss fox and reality is this fox is going to end up being for Elise so I thought how cute to have matching little outfits.

Ok, so without seeing her face.....
which will proudly post later.........Ava or Chloe?


  1. Hmmm...I liked Chloe, but I think I vote for Ava.

  2. Ava :-) LOVE the shoes and dress!


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