Thursday, November 15, 2012

BOM #9

Ok, doing a little catch up here. I'm a little burnt out on Christmas gift making....I finishes two yesterday. Christmas gifts put a little pressure on me so I wanted just to sew for fun. Not sure what the difference is but I get nervous and stressed when sewing for someone becasue I want it to be perfect....maybe too perfect. I do love making gifts so please don't get me wrong....even more I love watching my loved ones open handmade gifts. Especially my sisters and mom.

I am a wee behind on my BOM......ha ha yes again:). September's Star reminds me a lot of #4. I think the difference are the corners. I just finished Septembers today and I also finished a fun little project I'm entering into a competition. More on that later this week. I still need to take some pics. I'm super exited about it though and think you will love it!

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