Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Baby Redwood

This is one of my favorite projects that was made over the summer. We found a huge lot of redwood furniture on Craigslist early summer and Brian spent a good portion of his free time sanding, re-staining, fixing and then hunting for cushions so we could have a complete set on our patio. We had a gorgeous Sunday afternoon spent it with friends and it was pulled out once more before the nasty winter finally sets in..



Brian took one of the ricketiest adult chairs and salvaged all the good pieces and turned it into a"baby" chair. More like a toddler chair but next to the full size chairs it's a baby. I made fun little cushions. We have one more chair to turn into one this size. So we'll have a set of two....for Elise and a little friend or a doll:).

Here is the chair naked.....we (he) kept the original design and look even down to the metal support for the bottom.

I think I'm already daydreaming of next summer.......and it's only November.......I'm doomed this winter.

I'm linking up here and here today! Check them up....lots of great ideas!


  1. I love the chair, great idea!

  2. ahhhhh! a toddler chair! What a great idea! I hope you have some toddlers around to sit in it!


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