Friday, November 9, 2012

Improv Tree Block

In between tummy time with Elise and drafting out my next christmas gift idea to be sewn, I knocked out another quilt bee block. Here is the starter block

Isn't it so cute! The front porch is adorable and look at the little windows....I love it! We were asked to make a block inspired by our neighborhood to go along with hers. 

One of the many things, I really enjoy about my quirky, old neighborhood is our trees and the trees at the park in the back of the neighborhood. We have a gorgeous park with baseball fields, a super big playground, a hiking trail through the forest and a fun creek to play in.

I've never made trees in a quilt block so I was excited for the challenge. I think it goes really well with her cool little house. The two birds crack me up too:). tweet - tweet.


  1. too stinkin' cute! and the house you made looks just like your real house - from the side :-)

  2. The trees match the original block really well! That's gonna be one cute quilt when it's done. Will you get to see pictures of the finished quilts at the end of the bee some time?


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