Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Scrappy Pouch

So, I've been on a kick with Christmas gifts lately. I've finished a couple of gifts over the weekend but not sure if I want to make another one for my oldest sister (who will hurt me if I don't), so I can't show them in fear of my safety. I can show you this little guy though. I love making pouches......I love having pouches. 


I used the tutorial from Noodlehead for her Wide Open Pouch. This tutorial is officially my FAVORITE pouch tutorial. I had a little fun and made it scrappy. Her instructions and pictures were so crystal clear. I really like her zipper method and how the pouch is lined. It looks so polished.

And, if you've never tried a zipper before this is the perfect little project to try.  You'll be most pleased.

The middle focus fabric, I ripped out of a antique quilt.....I actually prefer the word saved. The quilt was patchwork and hideous with this apricot solid all over. So, I seam ripped the squares that I liked and scrapped the rest. The other solids are various Konas, I already had in my stash. 


I'm hoping to make a few more......ok, truth be told, Elise and I went fabric shopping today and I picked up a fat quarter of Field Study that I am super stoked about. That will be my pouch for sure. I'll share my loot tomorrow. 


  1. Fantastic little pouch! Love the colours, and I'm sure the recipient will be delighted with it!

  2. Your pouch looks great. Hope the gift sewing goes smoothly for you.

  3. Love the pouch. checking out that tutorial right away!
    thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh I love your pouch! This is one of them on my list to make soon! You might be interested in following along with the upcoming "Happy Little Pouch Hop" that I'm co-hosting just after thanksgiving. We're going to have new pouch tutorials, pattern reviews etc. :) We'd love if you sew along with us!


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