Monday, October 15, 2012

Fabric Bowls

I had a little free time and got to playing with something new to me and I'm so excited for how my little project(s) turned out. I used the pattern from this book and the title couldn't be more true!

The directions in the book were so easy to follow and there were a few different variations which I am excited to try next. It's an older book...nothing new to many which is nice because you can get it cheap on amazon or probably find it in your local library.
top view
side view.

The bowls are actually reversible too, extra fun! I have so many ideas for these little guys...different holidays, color schemes.

Here's one more I made, this one has scalloped edges and it more round rather than square.

I've never worked with timtex before but now I'm itching to try another project with it. 
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  1. So cool how they are reversible. Like the scalloped edges too!


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