Tuesday, October 16, 2012

So close I can taste it

My wonky hippo quilt is almost done.....so close I can feel it being snuggled under.....ok not really. The quilt is part of a quilt guild challenge that I wasn't going to participate in until I went fabric shopping with my girlfriend and found this adorable hippo fabric and new it was perfect for the challenge. I started by simply wanting to make Elise....another:)......yes mom another, quilt but then the blocks were so much to make and it grew and kept growing until I realized it was really close to being twin size and I could probably just save it for her until she's in a big girl bed.......yes I'm aware I'm years away but I felt better about buying more fabric knowing it was for a future bed than just another throw with occasional use.

So the wonky hippo was born and I made a matching pillow as I've shared so no snuggling probably once it's done, off to the quilt guild meeting and then folded and stored for a few years:). I laugh quietly because by the time she gets a twin bed....I'll probably want to make her a different quilt for her bed....but don't tell Brian that:). I'm not in trouble yet today.

I'll have full pictures to show later this week. I'm off to cut binding, which I'm thinking scrappy, well a little scrappy because I'm too OCD to do total scrappy no matter how much I always love it on others quilts.


  1. don't put it away, throw it on the couch to be loved now, it looks fabulous


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