Wednesday, October 10, 2012

and it's only Wednesday........

It's a birthday week in our house, I traveled all day yesterday to visit some sweet friends of mine and today Elise has pretty much shown me that naps are optional and not required. So not much sewing or creating has been going on. I've gotten a little quilting done on her wonky hippo quilt that matches her pillow. It's part of my Quilt Guild Challenge for next Thursday's meeting so I've really got to pick up the pace.

We'll see what happens:)......hopefully a nap. And of course everyone loves a picture so here is what IS happening today. A lot of giggles and playing. I'll take this sweet little girl over my sewing machine any day, there's always tomorrow to sew. 
Hope your are being more productive than me today if not feel free to stop by and do my laundry......or start cutting my binding. 

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  1. LOVE what you've added to the Etsy store! See lots of things that I want. :)


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