Wednesday, February 13, 2013

WIP - Seahorse Softie

I am fully in operation Elise's birthday. She loves aquariums. fish, the ocean you name it, so we have having an "Under the Sea" themed birthday party. I made her a dress and a quilt to go along with the theme which I'll show soon and last night when I couldn't sleep I started working on this little guy.

I used scraps from other little projects and of course some ric rac!

So, now just to stuff and ladder stitch her new friend up. I can already picture her holding him by the tail carrying him around.

I based the shape off of this pattern, but didn't really follow the pattern for no real reason, just didn't. I added also ric rac little spikes to the back instead off sewing in the spikes as part of the body. I really like this change!

The original one is adorable! 
I think he would be so cute using Echino prints!

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  1. I like yours MUCH better! Elise will love it!


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