Thursday, February 28, 2013

Under The Sea!

So with operation Birthday under way, there has been a lot of sewing. I keep getting more and more ideas of gifts she NEEDS:)...ok more like mommy wants to make her. Here is the quilt that started it all........and by all I mean the softies and theme for her party.

I love the sea creatures. The panel repeated once too, so I cut the repeat off and turn it into a skirt for her, but that's another post. It's a little big so it will be the perfect zoo skirt this summer! Have to be styling while in the aquarium! 

And a close up. My lighting wasn't the greatest, but it will do.

As for the back I used a bed sheet I picked up at the thrift store. Goes so well with the purple up front! Love it!

Ok last picture for real!  


I used Leah Day's quilt as you go technique and am totally in love! I feel like I can tackle large projects and not have a jacked up back with puckers and what not.


  1. Purple and aqua may be my new fav color combo! LOVE this quilt!

  2. This is just adorable! I love how you mixed the patchwork together with the panel.


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