Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Generation Picture

Brian and I worked on a fun gift for my Nana for Christmas while we were visiting family last December. I'm just now finally sharing it. I think this would also be an amazing Mother's Day gift.

Ok so it started with a picture of baby girl.

Then we printed it out and took a picture of me holding her.....

Then we printed that one out and took a picture of my mom holding us...

Isn't she pretty, she's an amazing woman! Ok then we printed that one out and had my Nana hold all of us............

She's pretty amazing too. Nana was the only one who didn't know what she was holding. She just thought we were being weird, but she loved it! One of the Photo people at CVS asked us....why don't you just take one photo with all 4 of you in it........Brian and I just looked at each other thinking.....uh, because this is way cooler!

You can see baby girl better in the 8x10 but next time I would suggest starting with the youngest being a 10x13 and then switching to 8x10s.


  1. Awww super cute idea! Kind of like "Modern Family" hehe :-) Your mom and nana look adorable! Not to mention little Elise!

  2. I love this idea! And absolutely way cooler than one photo with four of you in it. Plus you can do that as well!

  3. Love it! What a great idea! How special for all these women! How wonderful to have these generations in your life!

  4. Visiting from handy man, crafty woman. THis is fantastic, love love love it


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