Wednesday, January 2, 2013

BOM #11

Here is number 11. This one might be my favorite.

I was so close to finishing my BOM on time....however......I lost my 12th block. I know I picked it up, and I'm sure it made it home, but somewhere in the holiday shuffle and quickly leaving town I've lost it. I can't make a quilt with 11 blocks!

Now, I'm afraid instead of finishing this first thing in 2013, I'll be adding to my UFO pile - I was suppose to be reducing it! I know I'll find it somewhere. I think someone in the house is playing a joke on me and waiting to see how long it takes before I go mad. Joke's on them :).

I'll give it a month...then  maybe search online for a star I haven't done to finish it off. Any ideas or links?

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  1. Having seen all your squares so far, I can easily agree and say, that this one is a favorite of mine too! I keep staring at it to pick the one element in it that makes it so much fun. Great contrast of the colors and the pattern.


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