Monday, October 8, 2012


 Over the past weekend we headed to Chalk Hill, Pa for a little weekend get-away with some special friends of ours. Along the way we stopped off the highway to check out a 3 floor antique mall at quickly found ourselves in the middle of  the Barnesville Pumpkin Festival.

After parking, we ran into this sign and I begged to go inside the church where the quilt show was being held.
Right then I decided it was going to be a great weekend - pumpkins, antiques, quilt show...and so much more to come!

 The show set up was a little odd, the quilts were folded and the draped on tables propped up against the wall; you couldn't fully see or appreciate the hard work put into them. The 2 pictures below were my favorite two, and I was itching to just take them down and spread them out but Brian told me I'd get arrested and since I was carrying the baby she would too.........I just left it at that. :).  and no, I didn't believe him - she is too young for mug shots though.

I loved the Autumn colors of this snuggle ready. The show is put on annually by the city of Barnesville so I was told. The festival was amazing so huge for this small little town. We were there for 3 1/2 hours by mistake...we completely lost track of time having to much fun and barely covered a 1/3 of it. We're planning on going back next year...and I even found a quilt store. (told you it was a good weekend) I'll share those pic later...and my goodies:).


  1. That quilt show coordinator ought to be ashamed for folding those quilts over tables! What the heck!
    Glad you had fun - maybe I can go with you... in 4 or 5 years ;-)

  2. Wow, i love it when you stumble upon some crafting magic when you've not expected it, those quilts look terrific, but what a shame to have all of that beautiful work half covered up! Ange x


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