Monday, September 10, 2012

Ruby Lou Dolls

Back during the winter I won a giveaway for a pattern from Abby at Sew Much Ado. If you've never been over to her blog you must! She is adorable and her patterns are so well written. I made my first Ruby Lou Doll for a birthday gift and loved her so much I decided I needed more for other little special girls in my life. Ruby Lou is just so sweet and will be simply adorable hanging out of my baby girl's stocking come Christmas morning!

I'm thrilled to have a few Christmas gifts under my belt this week as I already feel behind. Time to start working on the nephews! I'd love any ideas you have for boys.


  1. Oh, they're adorable! I'm so glad you liked the pattern! Feel free to share some pics in our flickr group too ( :).

  2. I love your girl dolly! I bought the book Sewn Toy Tales and was thinking maybe I'd do the dinosaur in it for my nephew and son for Christmas.

    1. I love the dinosaur idea! I haven't heard of that book yet! Thanks for the tip.

  3. How cute! My little one needs one of these for sure! =)


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